About us

‘We’ are Richard Stacy and Rachel Eburne – although probably all of the writing on this blog we come from a me – i.e. Richard.  We moved to Suffolk from London six years ago, although Rachel was brought-up in a village a few miles away.  We have two children, Finn (aged 10) and Jake (aged 9).

Rachel is the local Green Party district councillor and also works in the local primary school and I (speaking as a me) would probably best be described as a marketing consultant specialising in social media.  This is something I can do mostly from home and I just have to hope that I am busy enough this year to provide enough money to cover the bills, but not so busy that I can’t do anything else.  This is my business site for anyone interested.



  1. Tim Hill

    It was really good to have met with you this afternoon and experience first hand lime plaster spraying. It would be helpful if you would direct me to the make of plaster gun and also the plaster stirrer.
    I think it will be a lovely cottage in a tranquil setting
    Best regards


    • Richard Stacy

      Thanks for coming across and giving me a hand. The gun I used was a Marshalltown M693 Sharpshooter Dry Wall Hopper Gun which cost £96. I got it online from LoveDIY via ManoMano (which is a European-based site – hence why it had a different fitting). I would therefore recommend sourcing from a UK supplier unless you have access to lots of different couplings. The mixer was a Varan ST-1200. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one – any mixer which has at least 1200 watts of power should suffice. Of course I don’t yet know if this will go the distance, especially once I start using it for firmer mixes for the second coat.


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