Noggins, post bases and routers

20151127_111621It is easy to underestimate the amount of time required to do what appear to be small jobs.  Take, for example, the need to create noggins to hold the hazel stubs in the baseplate, plus the noggins to fix the window and door posts.

The noggins for the hazel subs need to have a 32mm hole drilled through them – and I need to do around 60 of those.  Then there are the window posts which require two noggins each which have to have a 20mm deep section ‘routed’ out of them – 40 of these required.  Finally 6 noggins to fix the door posts which have to have a 20mm groove cut out of them.

All-in-all a lot of time spent with the router and the drill.  The good aspect of this job is that you can do it when it is raining (and it has been raining a lot) and I have also unearthed a benchmounted drill which was one of the things we inherited when we bought Shrub Farm.  I had always assumed that this rather dusty object was left lying around in an outbuilding because it didn’t work – but after blowing-off the dust and plugging it in, I found that it did.


I have also invested in some tarpaulins – both to keep the weather of the box beam but also so that when the scaffold is installed these can provide a temporary wall and roofing so we can install the straw in relative protection.